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Planting workshop: Seeding abundance, caring for growth

June 15, 11 am1 pm.
3 field guide

Planting workshop: Seeding abundance, caring for growth at Socrates Sculpture Park

Come steward the park’s learning garden with us! We’ll get our hands dirty as we wake up the garden and learn about ways to bring forth abundance from a small, urban, public space. 

As the soil warms, we will learn about different crops, ways of planting that can sustain over the growing season, and how these plants work together with the human and non-human environment. 

The best gardeners are keen observers and careful listeners to their surroundings–our time in the garden space will be a balance of active planting and stewardship with slow and mindful time spent with the space we are cultivating. 

Observe the progression of planting and the ways that life comes forth as we move towards the peak growing season. 

No experience required! Just an open mind and a desire to create a living space for the community.

Pre-registration required, capped at 20 participants, all ages welcome!  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSft0njCFO_waM0LSgaV5W_5T-uJd2TwC951lDJ5sL7tw5sHHw/viewform 


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