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Masayo Ishigure Koto and Shamisen

April 6, 7:30 am9:30 pm.
$40, $50
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Masayo Ishigure Koto and Shamisen Recital Commemorating the 30th anniversary of her professional career in the U.S.
Sakura/The Moon over the Deserted Castle” A masterpiece representing Japan composed by Tadao Sawai.
Ginga (Galaxy)” by Tadao Sawai, using Okinawan melody, is performed on koto and shamisen.
(untitled) “composed by Zac Zinger for koto, piano, and shakuhachi, each instrument partially improvises like often heard in Jazz music.
Gin-yu-ka (Minstrel Song)”, A powerful ensemble of six koto players composed by Hikaru Sawai
Chizuru/ Whereabouts of the Wind” by Hideaki Matsumoto, a relatively new Koto and piano piece.
Flying like a Bird”, composed by Tadao Sawai, will be the last piece of the recital. The piece, using all the techniques the composer could think of at that time, is one of the milestone of 20th century Koto music, and definitely worth listening to.
The history of Japanese music can be seen in this program, which can be enjoyed by a wide range of audiences.

Artist: Masayo Ishigure (Koto, Bass Koto, Shamisen)

Guest artists: Zac Zinger (Shakuhachi), Nathan Koci (Piano), Noriko Tsuboi (Koto, Bass Koto), Miyabi Koto and Shamisen Ensemble (Koto)


881 7th Ave
New York, NY 10019 United States

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