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Free Saturday Movie Nights In June with Queens Underground Film Festival

June 10, 6:30 pm10 pm.

It’s Summer Movie Night Time! Reserve your seats for the Queens Underground Film Festival and catch movies from independent film makers.

The evening starts with A Real Game Night with Naquel Games – Join in the Fun for “Movie Family Feud”. Audience Members Participate!

-In Your Head: The morning after a breakup, Asa, a twenty-something year-old Black man, is confronted by his negative and intrusive thoughts personified in the form of his ex.

-Tsunami Z: After a dying nuclear scientist confesses to evil experiments and warns of an imminent disaster, a graduate student must traverse the undead he created to save her Great Lakes city from an unlikely devastation, a tsunami.

-The Advice: A devoted young husband struggles to treat his wife for an STD she doesn’t about, that he caught from a one night stand during a business conference, becomes more difficult when she tells him that she is pregnant. He seeks advice from his boys.

See website for more movie nights!