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Festival Minokan

July 13, 4 pm8 pm.

Ann Tounnen Nan Matris is a return back to the womb, a connection to your roots, and a rejuvenation of self from within. In this ceremony we reencounter our authentic self and shed the false versions of self. Matris translates to ‘matrix’ or ‘womb,’ which determines the specific energies that make us unique beings. Everyone comes from the womb, which creates both masculine and feminine beings. Today, we focus on the feminine energy, in its many dimensions. As you recognize the natal dimensions in which you vibrate, you will be guided by the ancestors in your daily challenges.


4 – 5:30 PM

History of Haiti’s independence and Seremoni ‘Ann Tounnen Nan Matris’ / ‘Back to the Source’ Artist Talks, Instrument Demos, Song & Dance Workshops


6 – 8 PM

Performance and Presentation by Fanmi Asòtò. Gathering and ceremony around the altar and fire.

Festival Minokan is free to participate and all ages are welcome. Traditional food, drink, and crafts will be available for purchase.


5816 Clarendon Road
Brooklyn, NY 11203 United States